My name is Jennie and I am a 23 (24 next month) year old female. I am 5 feet and 6 inches tall and according to my drivers license I weigh 144 pounds- I wish. I actually weigh in at 165 pounds. I am by no means obese, but I do want to get fit. To some this won’t seem that difficult, I don’t need to lose much weight and I just need to gain a little muscle, but I know this won’t be easy for me. I have a serious sweet tooth and I work a desk job. I dread going to the gym and that’s if I can even find the time to go at all. But that’s where this blog comes in, and I know no one is reading this now but I hope maybe someone eventually does. I hope you all can give me some tips on food and recipes, workouts and exercises, and general fitness and I hope I can help someone else out with their fitness goals. This is my project, to work on me.

This blog will be a record of my exercises, food, weight loss and fitness. I will try to post daily but there’s no promises there! But as I find good recipes and tough workouts, I’ll do my best to remember to share them with you!